Friday, November 13, 2009

I've gone completely Gaga

I've gone completely Gaga, originally uploaded by retrogemkitty7.

I am so out of the pop music loop. I do have my favorite artists, both from back in the day (Prince, ABC, Depeche Mode, etc.) and more recent years (Gogol Bordello, Stereo Total, et al) but quite a bit of newer pop just escapes me. I do, however, love to dance and I love fashion, so is it any surprise that I'm becoming a huge fan of Lady Gaga? Since last night, I have watched the video/promo for "Bad Romance" at least seven times. The tune and lyrics are catchy, the sets and costumes are outrageously fun, and the whole effect is one of celebrating fame and celebrity culture while giving it a big, very knowing wink. Lady Gaga is the kind of pop artist MTV loved in the early days, back when they took chances, artistically speaking, and played videos... please tell me I am not the only person who remembers that era!

Sandal straps at Morgan Miller, 2009

Recently, while strolling down Miami's Lincoln Road, my husband and I noticed a cute little store that claimed to produce custom-made shoes. Custom-made shoes? Really? The sample pair in the window was cute, but assuming that said shoes would either be low quality or cost about a mortgage payment, we went in feeling a bit skeptical. One look at this selection of straps, however, and my resolve began to melt. The variety of colors, materials, and even price points made my head spin. Which to choose - leopard patent? Emerald green ostrich? Rainbow snakeskin? Silver leather? I decided to be practical - relatively speaking - and go with the silver, since they'd work with almost everything in my summer/beach wardrobe. And so, my Cinderella shopping experience began...

Soles at Morgan Miller, 2009

Prices vary widely, from around $40 to over $100 based on style, heel height, and material.

Morgan Miller buckles & bling, 2009

These start at around $25 a pair and can cost over $100.

Cobblers at Morgan Miller, 2009

These guys work on your shoes in the store's front window, in full view of passersby on Lincoln Road. They're also very sweet about posing for pics.

Being fitted at Morgan Miller, 2009

At this store, when they say custom, they mean it. Shoes are ready in 1/2 hour or less.

Silver sandals on a silver platter, Morgan Miller, 2009

Morgan Miller's presentation is as fabulous as their shoes!

Beach pedicure and custom-made Morgan Miller sandals, 2009

Of course, I chose blingy ornaments with a Deco feel. It was very hard to walk out of this store with just one pair of shoes, but that means we have to go back to South Beach, right?

Sunrise over the Atlantic, 10-31-09

beach sunrise 2009, originally uploaded by retrogemkitty7.

Long time, no blog - sorry! Fall is always a crazy time for us. This year, we took a long weekend in Florida to celebrate our 6th wedding anniversary. We fell in love with South Beach in 2007. 1,000 painstakingly restored Art Deco buildings in a one-square-mile area, the most amazing beach we've seen this side of Hawaii, killer food at every price point, salsa or techno music thumping from every storefront, and great people-watching... what's not to love? I took this pic on our anniversary, while my husband was still sleeping.2009 has been an eventful year - not always in a good way - for us and for many people we care about. Corny as it may sound, this trip reminded us that there is still beauty and peace in the world, and that the ocean's salty waves do have healing powers. Thump-thump dance music can be pretty therapeutic, too.