Sunday, January 19, 2014

A Fresh Start and Some Seriously Adorable Sweets

Since my last post in this space dates from September 2012, many of you no doubt thought I'd dropped off the blog-earth.Well, not really - I have been posting on my professional blog quite a bit, so my writing energy was needed there. Also, 2013 was a very difficult year for me as a performer, so I wasn't much inspired to write. These days, I'm trying to find new people to work with and fresh ways to challenge myself both on and offstage (hello, roller skating lessons!) I took up quad skating last year after a hiatus of nearly three decades and absolutely love it. Great fun, nice people, and very beneficial for the waistline.That last bit is especially pertinent to this post, since its real topic is not lazy blogging or diva drama, but... SWEETS!

I don't bake much, nor do I often order dessert in restaurants. Don't often have time for the former and can't generally afford the calories that come with it or the latter. However, Valentine's Day is coming, and yesterday, the new Dean and Deluca catalog (better known in our house as Food Porn) showed up in our mailbox, packed with sugary treats that look tempting enough to warrant a few extra revolutions around the rink.

If your sweetheart is a chocolate-loving bibliophile, how about this cake?

Or perhaps lingerie-inspired cookies would better set the V-day mood? These are flavored with cinnamon, anise, and orange. Yes, please.

If you'll be flying solo on February 14th, these "Breakup Box" whoopie pies might help ease the pain. Might I suggest sharing them with a good friend and a bottle of bubbly? Both are excellent at lifting one's spirits!

J and I will be staying in this Valentine's Day, feasting on lobster, wine, and perhaps Option 1 or Option 2 from the list above. A hint may or may not have already been dropped. Whatever you're doing that night, I hope it's great fun and wish you a sweet, happy 2014!