Friday, November 13, 2009

I've gone completely Gaga

I've gone completely Gaga, originally uploaded by retrogemkitty7.

I am so out of the pop music loop. I do have my favorite artists, both from back in the day (Prince, ABC, Depeche Mode, etc.) and more recent years (Gogol Bordello, Stereo Total, et al) but quite a bit of newer pop just escapes me. I do, however, love to dance and I love fashion, so is it any surprise that I'm becoming a huge fan of Lady Gaga? Since last night, I have watched the video/promo for "Bad Romance" at least seven times. The tune and lyrics are catchy, the sets and costumes are outrageously fun, and the whole effect is one of celebrating fame and celebrity culture while giving it a big, very knowing wink. Lady Gaga is the kind of pop artist MTV loved in the early days, back when they took chances, artistically speaking, and played videos... please tell me I am not the only person who remembers that era!

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