Friday, November 13, 2009

Sunrise over the Atlantic, 10-31-09

beach sunrise 2009, originally uploaded by retrogemkitty7.

Long time, no blog - sorry! Fall is always a crazy time for us. This year, we took a long weekend in Florida to celebrate our 6th wedding anniversary. We fell in love with South Beach in 2007. 1,000 painstakingly restored Art Deco buildings in a one-square-mile area, the most amazing beach we've seen this side of Hawaii, killer food at every price point, salsa or techno music thumping from every storefront, and great people-watching... what's not to love? I took this pic on our anniversary, while my husband was still sleeping.2009 has been an eventful year - not always in a good way - for us and for many people we care about. Corny as it may sound, this trip reminded us that there is still beauty and peace in the world, and that the ocean's salty waves do have healing powers. Thump-thump dance music can be pretty therapeutic, too.

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