Sunday, June 7, 2009

Whitby jet necklace

Whitby jet necklace, originally uploaded by retrogemkitty7.

I've wanted a piece of Whitby jet jewelry for years; recently found this on eBay, for an insanely low price! The pendant is carved Whitby jet (fossilized wood) & the beads are a mixture of Whitby jet & "French jet" (black glass.) Whitby jet comes from England; jewelry made from it was immensely popular during the Victorian period. Ladies who were in mourning wore Whitby jet jewelry as well as pieces made from vulcanite, hairwork, & gutta-percha. Whitby jet jewelry is still being made, but this is an older piece.

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  1. That's lovely! I just found this stone for my jewelry! and I was really surprised how light this stone ! great for those who like bold chunky jewelry :)! Your pendant looks awesome!